• Who is Valerie Love?

    Author. Speaker. Witch. Teacher of the Divine Mysteries. Global Retreat Leader. Creative Entrepreneur. In short: I AM.


    Ever since I was a wee little lady in my grandmother's apartment on 8th Avenue in Harlem, New York City, where I Iived with my mom, baby brother and grandpop, my head was most often stuck between the leaves of a BOOK.


    My mom took us to the library where I borrowed the max amount of books on every trip. I learned to read early on, and my elementary school teachers recommended I skip a grade because of such high reading and comprehension scores on standardized tests.




    Going to high school in the Village of New York City bought new creative opportunities and pursuits: as a journalism student, I got to write for the school newspaper, the school yearbook each year, and a publication students put out to showcase creative writing. One of the stories I wrote for this publication was featured in the New York Times in a special feature titled: Great Writing by Young People.


    Having my work published in the New York Times at 17 was quite the honor. I knew I was in love with words, yet I had no idea how far this love would take me.


    Life's twists and turns bought me through numerous career choices, always to land back at my writing. Finally, in 2004, I summoned the courage to sell my financial planning practice at American Express to write and publish books and teach full time.


    I devoted myself to one thing: sitting down at the computer in my beautiful sunlit office in our new home to WRITE.


    Not long after that pivotal decision, I acquired a literary agent who sold my work to a major publisher in a 2-book deal with a 5-figure advance. The news came on my birthday. I was elated! My books would be in bookstores across the country, including Barnes & Noble! Dreams DO come true.


    Today as the ecstatic author of 20 books (and counting), hundreds of blog posts and published articles, I can say I'm THANKFUL and HONORED to be a WORDSMITH, a KEEPER OF THE WORD.


    Soon, my debut novel will be released. Writing continues to challenge me on new fronts and I LOVE the dance!