• When you work with us, you can:

    Write your book without pounding away at a computer.

    We write your book FOR YOU, using YOUR WORDS, YOUR IDEAS and YOUR EXPERTISE. We gather and harvest YOUR MESSAGE from you and your overall social media presence to pour it all into book format. You've probably already written (or expressed) enough content to fill a few books. It's time to get your words into PRINT and reach a whole new audience of thirsty readers who are right now looking for your expertise.

    Publish your book without having to understand the rapidly changing publishing industry.

    The publishing industry is a dynamic, frenetic world full of changes. We're living in this world every day, publishing our own books and navigating our clients through the woods. You don't have to understand publishing when you have a book agency like ours that does it for you.

    Take advantage of our in house design team.

    We have our own in house design team that will produce amazing book covers for you. From professional graphic design to an actual artist who can create your vision to perfection, we have you covered on creating amazing book covers, interiors and marketing materials.

    Gain access to our huge audience.

    We stand out in the industry. We have a huge, engaged global audience hungry for non-fiction books in the spirituality, self-help and personal development niches. You have the opportunity to be interviewed on one of our platforms or on our partner platforms, according to what most closely matches your book's niche. We don't promise this coverage for every author. Why? Because we ONLY match you with the BEST outlets for your book, which are the audiences that would BUY YOUR BOOK immediately and put the content into IMMEDIATE APPLICATION. Our finesse in matching authors with audiences is at your disposal.


    Of course, if you have your own audience, we design a marketing and amplification plan for you to REVEAL YOUR BOOKS to your audience in an engaging, non-salesy, strategic ways that they'll LOVE you for. This is how we capitalize on your unique positioning in the marketplace.


    There are dozens of steps to take to effectively ideate, create, write, design, edit, publish and market your book. You can RELAX knowing these details are in the hands of proven professionals who do this work daily.