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    Dr. Jewa Lea

    Author of Cor Perfectum: What You Don't Know About Your Heart Could Be Killing Your Life

    In 2006, Jewa M. Lea, DC shifted her attention to mind/body medicine and is recognized as an Elite Master in the BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) developed by the late Dr. M. T. Morter, Jr. An advocate of life-long learning, Dr. Jewa enjoys any opportunity to learn about and instruct on leading-edge topics, with the Mind/Body Healing, Hermetic Principles, and the Human Heart at the forefront.


    Dr. Jewa conducts personal transformation and mastery workshops world-wide and provides Mastery coaching to high-achieving individuals and accomplished entrepreneurs seeking work/life balanced success.


    Dr. Jewa Lea attended our Your Book in a Weekend Retreat, where she conceptualized her book idea and subsequently published her first book, which serves as a powerful teaching tool and textbook for her clients and students. Dr. Jewa was short listed for an award for her first non-fiction work!


    Watch the interview on the YouTube channel with Dr. Jewa

    Dr. Denise Bacchus

    Author of Workplace Voodoo, the Workplace Voodoo Journal, and Stress and Coping Among Professional Black Women

    Plant Healer, Social Scientist, Spiritual Alchemist and now Author of 3 books, Dr. Denise Bacchus developed a method for ending workplace stress. She's affectionately known as the Beautiful Witch Doctor.


    As a Platinum Client, she attended our Your Book in 5 Days Bali Retreat and created her first tome that reveals her research on how black women tend to turn to spirituality when facing adversity, and how one might end work related stress with spiritual protocols. Her research is highlighted in the book in an integrative approach that aligns physical, practical measures with the divine. Dr. Denise Bacchus is an Initated High Priestess in the Ma'at Temple of Love, Light & Truth.


    Watch the interview on the YouTube channel with Dr. B

    Rev. Katherine Harold

    Author of What Your Teen Won't Tell You... But Really Wants You to Know

    Rev. Katherine Harold, affectionately known as the 'Teen Whisperer' has served and supported teens in a very personal way for decades, including leading teen groups at Unity Church of Teaneck. Her passion and intense dedication to young people and their unique travails has earned her their trust. Teens trust her with their innermost thoughts, desires, ideas and fears. She listens. Adds wisdom. Hugs. Rev. Katherine has a built in sensitivity and intuition for service in love to young people, a gift of the divine.


    When I first heard of her book project, I instantly KNEW it would take off. The depth of journey was there. Her unique presence and way with words shines and her expression is one of a kind.


    Rev. Katherine has been invited to speak publicly on issues relating to our youth. What I learned from serving as her coach can fill volumes. Not to mention, her book launch party in New York City was quite the memorable event!

    Dr. Nanetta Payne

    Author of The Love Project: Master Your Life Through the Power of Love

    Dr. Nanetta Payne is a transformational coach, clinical psychologist, and ordained minister of spiritual consciousness who supports highly successful women who feel like everything is falling apart around them.


    Dr. Nanetta offers her online community powerful skills, tools and principles to support their ability to 'see' themselves as the powerful beings they were created to be and is wholeheartedly committed to sharing her experience of how radical self-love and acceptance truly is the answer.


    She supports herself and others in living each day intentionally, boldly, passionately and unapologetically. Dr. Nanetta Payne is humbled to support the elevation of spiritual consciousness.


    Watch the Interview on the YouTube channel with Dr. Nanetta

    Sharon Fant

    Author of Your Doctor Is Not the Boss of You!

    As a registered nurse of over 30 years, and a visiting nurse for 17 of those years, Sharon Fant has seen her fair share of patients who believe their doctor is their boss.


    She, in her unique style, is able to take on this issue with instant credibility and help her diabetic patients to understand their own inner authority and power to make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives, rather than blindly doing what they're told.


    This book is a must have in today's society where patients en masse have largely given up their power to 'authority' figures. This is how to take that power BACK.


    Sharon Fant has a Facebook presence where she teaches globally about dominating diabetes and is hired as a speaker for wellness events. After penning and publishing her first book at our Your Book in 5 Days Bali Retreat, she's since gone on to publish an accompanying workbook, utilizing the skills and secrets to publishing success we were elated to pass on to her.


    Watch the Interview on the YouTube channel with Sharon

    Dr. JaTaya Wiley

    Author of 150 No Content/Low Content Books & Contributing Author to an Anthology

    Model, actress, beauty queen and social entrepreneur Dr. JaTaya Wiley (known online as Taya Bell) attended our Quantum Leap Dubai Retreat, (where we detail how to quantum leap your world by creating streams of income with publishing), and came away on FIRE.


    She took IMMEDIATE  ACTION and created a collection of no content/low content books for her brand and movement. She's an amazing woman with a kind and open heart and an eye for design, so creating her books was a breeze.


    It may not be a breeze for you. That's why we're here. Our boutique agency works with the most incredible clients globally. Whether you have design skills or not, we're here to create your AMAZING BOOKS.


    Watch the interview on the YouTube channel with Taya Belle

    Icy Kendrick

    Author of How to Be a Medium

    In this to-the-point guide on all things psychic powers, Icy shares her journey of becoming a medium after being raised in a Christian Church... in her words:


    "I had so many questions and supernatural experiences that I felt torn, and that I needed to pick a side between what I was taught and what I was experiencing."


    Her many questions led to her to a fundamental decision: to unlearn the dogma she had been raised with in order to embrace her path as a medium and serve the world!

    Tenia Butler

    Author of 10 Things I Learned From Being a Lesbian Domestic Abuser

    This book aims to support anyone who is ready, willing, and able to release the habits of destructive emotions that are causing abuse in their relationships.


    "For years I had been the receiver and giver of lesbian domestic violence. In this book I give an introspective view on 10 major lessons I have learned from being mentally, emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive to my partners."


    This searingly courageous work debuted at #1 best seller on Amazon in new releases for self-help... a spectacular accomplishment!

    Anthology by 29 Authors

    What Is Beauty? Anthology Edited by Valerie Love

    In 2018, Rev. Valerie Love gave an audacious charge to a group of incredible clients she was coaching in a group program: 'we're going to write a book together in 30 days.' And the rest is, as they say, HISTORY. The book was written and published within 30 days, with poignant writing from over 25 contributors, some of whom are first time authors.


    This book remains a powerful testimony to how swiftly your book can come to fruition (even if you're a first time author) with the right support, guidance, coaching, community, tools and resources. And did I mention, we had FUN in the process!

    Dr. Patricia E. Darrah

    Author of Hagar: Finding Light in the Wilderness

    What I love about Dr. Pat's book project is that she had a yearning to tell a story that was difficult to share. She literally ripped open the doors in consciousness to bring forward onto the page the most difficult parts of her journey. For that, she is another of my SHEROES.


    "The author tells stories of her emotional suffering and how she found relief through the example of the biblical character Hagar, a slave-girl transformed to matriarch. Her writing comes from the unique perspective of one who was born into a religion named for Hagar, and whose foremothers were born into slavery. The author’s narratives move from Hagar, said to have lived 4,000 years ago,to her own modern day stories of overcoming betrayal, rape, abuse, addiction, and attempted suicide. The author, affectionately called “Dr. Pat,” has created this book with love and respect for sisters who suffer in the wilderness of loneliness, confusion, and despair. Her message is, “You, too, can find Light in the Wilderness!”