• We're A Boutique

    Book Agency

    We create your books for you from start to finish, or consult with you on any and every aspect of book creation, publication and marketing, or a combination thereof. We specialize in non-fiction.


    We'll admit, writing a book is hard.


    That's where we come in. We've been producing best-selling books since 2006. We're uniquely skilled, experienced and positioned to take the entire book creation process off your hands so you and your team stay focused on what you do BEST.


    We're different.


    Here's why: not only do we offer premium services to our clients, we provide spiritual life coaching (for overcoming the parts of writing a book that can get authors stuck, especially when the work requires vulnerability and sensitivity), to business coaching on running your author business (in a fun and simple way), to consulting on strategies and tools that catapult your success as an author.


    We approach book creation HOLISTICALLY...


    You're an author, yet you're much more than that. We work with our clients on all levels of being: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physcially and financially to ensure robust results.


    No 2 authors are the same, so nothing we do is cookie-cutter.

    While we love and implement proven business systems, we're creative in designing the perfect Author Blueprint for YOU and YOUR BOOKS.


    This book agency was created by Valerie Love, who is both a traditionally published and self-published author of 20 non-fiction books and is the founder of

    Butterfly Rising Publishing.

















    We deliver personalized strategies and bespoke services to bring your MESSAGE to the MASSES, while helping you navigate the dynamic, swift paced and ever changing world of BOOK PUBLISHING and MARKETING.


    We love this frenetic world. We're immersed in it every day. This is what we do.


    You can be confident in leaning on our unique expertise and access to the best of the best book creation tools and strategies to cause your author dreams and aspirations to come to VIVID LIFE, without you having to pound away at the computer for hours or keep up with the ever changing in's and out's of the publishing industry.


    You have book ideas in your imagination.

    We're here to help you bring them to life.


















  • We Walk You Through Our

    4 Phase System for



    You, your intention, desire, vision and aspiration as an author. Are you thinking of 1 book, a trilogy or several? Journals for your business? Full length books or low content/no content? Who's your target market? What's the big, hairy, painful problem you solve for them? What's the big, delicious pleasure you bring to your market? Marketing research for the perfect keywords to position your work above the noise is key. Establishing vision and value proposition are critical to creating amazing, cutting edge books that sell like hotcakes.


    Strategies to write your book without actually writing (including speech-to-text solutions), along with editing services, interior book design, cover art (created by our world class artist) and cover design from our team of graphic designers, and all the other solutions you require for the creation of your unique line of gorgeous books. After the full blown creation process, it's time for the next big step: PUBLICATION!


    Publishing is a tricky and rapidly changing business. We're here to ensure success, from recommending the publishing platforms for your unique creations, to which formats to publish in (eBook, paperback, hardcover, audio book, large print, etc.), to handling ISBN's, uploads and optimization on multiple platforms and more. We strategize and implement solutions and publishing options that are a PERFECT FIT for you, your brand, company or movement.


    This is where it gets INSANELY GOOD with a marketing plan to sell thousands (and more) of your books to the masses in an aligned marketing campaign mapped out for your specific requirements, on the optimal platforms for you and your brand (including utilizing BookBub, GoodReads, Amazon Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterests Ads & Marketing and more). When it comes to getting the word out about your book, from book reviews to ARC's, we're your partner for AMPLIFICATION.


    We've successfully coached and consulted with authors in our 1-on-1 programs and at book writing retreats and have published and marketed dozens of books.