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    Are you ready to create amazing books for a freedom lifestyle, passive income, service to your tribe and fuel for your movement?

  • Are you ready to be an author?


    If so, it's time to RE-IMAGINE and UPLEVEL all you dreamed possible about seeing your name and words in print, and the infinite possibilities open to you when you perform the radical act of becoming a published author.


    Become immortal.

    Be an author.
















  • Why be an author now?

    The world of book publishing and marketing is more complex than ever. Yet, it's still worth becoming an author RIGHT NOW.

    Here's why...


    The number 1 reason many of our clients choose to create amazing books is to share thier deep expertise and authority in an industry, on a chosen topic or their passion. The second you put your message into book form, you CREATE INSTANT AUTHORITY... the unique authority the world accords to AUTHORS.


    There's a greater level of global impact our clients are achieving.

    Even if you're an influencer, you know the ugly truth about the current social media climate: not all of your audience members are seeing your content. The level of IMPACT you can achieve as an author is almost UNPARALLELED. Your message can lead a MOVEMENT.


    Our authors not only achieve increased reach, exponentially expanded authority and expanding profitability from their books, they're also experiencing a deeper level of FULFILLMENT and LIFE SATISFACTION than they originally imagined. There's nothing like holding your completed book in your hands!


    Each book you create is another income stream, or as some refer to it, another piece of INTELLECTUAL REAL ESTATE that you can create profit with in limitless ways. Not only is it possible to put 1 book into multiple formats (eBook, trade paperback, hardcover, mass market, audiobook, large print), it's feasible to spin your book off into profit from merch, TV shows, movies and more. Even the sky isn't the limit.


    Let's face it... writing a book (or several books) can be hard. It's challenging emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It demands the BEST be summoned forward in you and from you. Writing is a means of searing veils strewn across the soul, the true Self, revealing the IMMORTAL DIAMOND you are. Being vulnerable is daunting. TAKE YOURSELF ON. Become an AUTHOR.


    If all of that were not enough, there's more... IMMORTALITY. Of course, you're an immortal being by nature. Now it's time to let your voice be heard and your message shared across the ages. How do we know about Shakespeare? Or J.R.R. Tolkein? Or cave paintings? Or hieroglyphics? Because they're preserved for posterity in WRITING. You create LEGACY with the WRITTEN WORD.

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